#WontBuyLandInKashmir #KashmirForKashmiris

INDIAN ALLIES: Please spread the word. Kashmir needs solidarity before it is too late.

On Sunday, November 15, starting at 7am IST until 7pm IST, we are calling all of our followers and allies in India and in the diaspora to make it KNOWN that they reject India’s project of demographic change and land grabs in Kashmir. 

We ask you to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT NOW as the Indian government accelerates its relentless assault on Kashmiri lives and land.

What do you need to do:

1. Read the below articles for more information and share them!

2. Write out your own sign using the hashtags #WontBuyLandInKashmir #KashmirForKashmiris. You can choose to show your face or not. Post it on your social media using the above hashtags. 

3. Tag @standwkashmir or email us at info@standwithkashmir.org with your photo.