Stand With Kashmir is a Kashmiri diaspora-driven independent global citizen grassroots group committed to standing in solidarity with the people of Kashmir in ending the occupation and supporting their right to self-determination.

Our decentralized network of volunteers and allies spans major global cities to raise awareness of the injustices in Kashmir and encourage meaningful activism. We intend for all SWK volunteers and collaborating groups to align with our mission. 



Stand With Kashmir serves as a centralized hub for educational resources and multimedia, action toolkits, and event & campaign organizing. We empower and inspire regional groups, allied organizations, journalists, and activists to take action by providing updated  information, content, access to experts and scholars, and volunteer support to drive strategic mobilization efforts. 



We want to change the mainstream media narrative on Kashmir by leveraging the voice of Kashmiris. 

We want to elevate the discourse on Kashmir to a global stage through education and advocacy. 

We want to establish solidarity with other movements through grassroots mobilization.


It's only impossible until it's done.

We support a just and lasting peace for all Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control based on universal human rights, international law, and the implementation of UN resolutions.

We believe that the future stability and prosperity of South Asia, and peace between India and Pakistan, depend on a just resolution to the Kashmir issue. 

We believe any proposed resolutions must foreground Kashmiri aspirations. 

We condemn the use of Islamophobia to undermine Kashmiri aspirations for freedom.